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The Dangers of the Corset Diet

shutterstock_447987250In the 16th century, corsets became a popular female clothing item. They quickly became a fashion norm and remained so until the early twentieth century, when they were replaced by girdles and brassieres. Cultural and social changes during the 1900s turned the corset into an outdated fashion accessory. However, in recent years, the corset has seen an alarming resurgence not as a fashion accessory but as a weight-loss method. The so-called “corset diet” is a dangerous trend, and women seeking a narrower and tighter waistline should consider the safer and more permanent benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

What’s Wrong With the Corset Diet?

The corset diet purportedly helps women to lose weight and achieve a thinner waistline. Women will begin this “diet” by wearing a corset for a few hours a day, gradually increasing the amount of time until they are wearing one for 12 hours a day. Popularized by celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian, the corset diet has caught on like wildfire for its reported ability to help women eat less and feel fuller longer. However, many doctors have warned against the potentially serious damage that the corset diet can cause. Long-term corset wear compresses the rib cage, restricts breathing, and can bruise the skin and internal organs. Breathing restrictions caused by corset wear may lead to long-term consequences for health and metabolic function. In addition, the changes in body shape caused by corset wear are not permanent, which means that the corset must regularly be worn to achieve your desired shape. Regular corset wear further perpetuates the health problems caused by this dangerous trend.

Abdominoplasty Is Safer and Produces Permanent Results

Before and After Tummy Tuck SurgeryThere is a solution to this problem that is far safer and better than the incredibly risky corset diet: abdominoplasty. Commonly referred to as “tummy tuck surgery,” abdominoplasty is a safe and effective solution that can improve your waistline, eliminate excess skin, and remove stubborn belly fat. The tummy tuck procedure surgically tightens distended abdominal muscles so that they are more successful in holding in the internal organs. Essentially, tightening the abdominal muscles creates an internal corset that makes the waist appear tighter and firmer all the time. The procedure also eliminates stubborn fat and excess skin left by pregnancy or weight loss. It requires no long-term wearing of any piece of clothing, and it creates a better body shape that can be appreciated with or without any clothing at all.

If you would like a narrower waistline, don’t fall into the trend of the corset diet. Instead, contact Dr. Alex Mesbahi about abdominoplasty, an effective and safe solution that can restore an attractive and firm hourglass waist. To schedule your consultation, call (703) 287-8277 or complete our online contact form today.