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Frequently Asked Questions About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty ResultsIt is important to receive answers to all your questions before you elect to undergo a major surgery. Getting your questions answered will give you peace of mind and help you decide whether the procedure is right for you. Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty, a popular procedure that can enhance the appearance and function of the nose.

Can rhinoplasty fix breathing problems?

Rhinoplasty can be combined with septoplasty to correct a deviated septum and straighten the nasal passages. Doing this will improve breathing problems.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The total cost of rhinoplasty will include the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesia fees. These costs vary from surgeon to surgeon. The total cost of your procedure will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Mesbahi.

Can teenagers get nose surgery?

Teenagers whose noses are fully grown may safely undergo nose surgery. Most qualifying patients are at least 15 or older. Teenagers should be emotionally mature and have realistic expectations about the results.

Will I have scars after rhinoplasty?

Depending on your surgical technique, you may have a small scar after rhinoplasty. With closed rhinoplasty, there is no visible scarring because the incisions are hidden inside the nose. With open rhinoplasty, there may be slight scarring because this technique requires a small horizontal incision at the bottom of the narrow strip of tissue between the nostrils. This tiny scar is usually inconspicuous and will fade with time.

What can a surgeon change about my nose with rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can correct a wide range of cosmetic nose issues by adjusting the nostrils, tip, angle, bridge, projection, and size of the nose. A surgeon can narrow the nostrils, build up the bridge, refine the tip, make the nose less prominent, and more.

How long does swelling last after rhinoplasty?

Much of the swelling diminishes after one to two weeks, but internal swelling will not fully subside for up to a year after rhinoplasty.

Can I undergo rhinoplasty if I have a cold?

If you have a cold, it is best to postpone your procedure until you are healthy again. Undergoing surgery while you are sick, especially with an upper respiratory infection, can increase the risk of surgical complications.

When can I blow my nose after rhinoplasty?

Many surgeons agree that it is safe to gently blow your nose one week after surgery, though some recommend waiting several weeks depending on the extent of your procedure and how you are healing. It is best to discuss your case in detail with your plastic surgeon.

Will I still be able to smell after rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty may temporarily alter your sense of smell due to the swelling of the internal nasal structures. As the swelling subsides, your normal sense of smell should return. Some people who combine septoplasty with their rhinoplasty are blessed with an improved sense of smell afterward due to the opening of their nasal passages.

Are there any alternatives to rhinoplasty?

While some dermal fillers can make minor temporary adjustments to the appearance of the nose, there is no other procedure that can produce results comparable to those of rhinoplasty.

How long do I have to wear a splint after surgery?

On average, you may need to wear your splint for one week after surgery to ensure that your nose tissues heal correctly and remain unharmed during recovery.

Is nose surgery painful?

Anesthesia is administered for pain prevention during the procedure. During recovery, most patients experience only minor discomfort that can be controlled with pain medications.

Will I ever need to undergo rhinoplasty again?

If you are not happy with your results from your first rhinoplasty, you may want to undergo revision rhinoplasty. However, a second nose surgery is more complicated and requires more careful and precise technique. If you are interested in revision rhinoplasty, be sure to select an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Mesbahi.

If you have other questions about nose surgery, schedule your personal consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Mesbahi. We would be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in any way you need. To request your consultation, call (703) 287-8277 or contact us online today.