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I Lost Weight. Why Do I Have Excess Skin?

girl pulling her big jeans and showing weight lossEvery day, millions of men and women vow to try to lose weight and transform their bodies. Often, the task proves to be much more difficult than anticipated. Because of this difficulty, successful weight loss is one of the most rewarding accomplishments and one that deserves significant credit.

Unfortunately, feelings of pride and accomplishment can be marred when you are left with excess skin that doesn’t have the elasticity to shrink to your newly contoured frame. No matter how much you try, excess skin cannot be fixed by a healthy diet or exercise. Your only real option is surgery.

Why Does Excess Skin Form?

Over an extended period, skin stretches around the frame as weight is gained. While this is occurring, the elastic quality of your skin is breaking down. Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to stop that. No matter what size you are, your skin loses more collagen and elastin every year, and with this loss comes the inability for the skin to retract. Thus, when you lose a significant amount of weight, it is likely you will be left with excess skin.

How Can This Excess Skin Affect Me?

While excess skin creates physical problems, such as skin irritations and the inability to participate in physical activities to sustain your weight loss, the presence of excess skin has the most significant impact on your confidence. As you know, weight loss is hard, and you likely worked extremely hard to achieve every pound lost, so you should be able to show off your hard-earned transformation without excess skin hiding your accomplishments. Body contouring surgery can be the final piece of your weight loss journey.

What Does Body Contouring Entail?

Mesbahi Weight Loss Patient Before and After

Body contouring after weight loss can address all of the areas that may experience excess skin. This includes the abdomen, back, hips, thighs, arms, butt, and breasts. In these hand-tailored procedures, the excess skin is removed, and liposuction can be performed to target any remaining fat pockets to leave you looking firm and contoured.

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