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Top 5 Reasons for Breast Implant Removal

The majority of breast augmentation patients remain pleased with their implants for the duration of the implants’ lifespan (traditionally 10 to 15 years). Unfortunately, for some patients, complications can occur that may require breast implant removal or revision surgery.

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1. Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a common reason for breast implant removal. Whenever a foreign object is placed into the body, scar tissue forms around that object. Traditionally, this scar tissue stays where it develops and creates no problem. Unfortunately, in some situations, the scar tissue contracts around the implant and squeezes it. This not only causes the implant to change shape and create unusual bulging, but it can also be quite painful. You will know if your implants have experienced capsular contracture. When this condition occurs, your surgeon must remove both the implant and the surrounding scar tissue that is causing the problem. Once everything is removed, a new implant can be placed, and you will be on your way.

2. Implant Rupture

Implant rupture can occur with both saline and silicone implants. While the silicone shells of both types of implants are durable and can withstand a considerable amount of pressure, they’re not foolproof. Ruptures of saline implants are noticeable immediately, as you will see a distinct deflation of your breast. Ruptures of silicone implants are much more difficult to diagnose without an MRI. The silicone gel often stays in place for a while after a rupture, so it’s not immediately noticeable. To treat a ruptured implant, your surgeon must remove the original implant (as well as any escaped silicone gel) and insert a new one.

3. Implant Malposition

A pocket must be formed in the breast to insert a breast implant, either above or below the chest muscle. If this pocket is made too large, there may be a risk of implant malposition. This occurs when the implant can move around in the pocket, therefore changing the shape and appearance of the breasts. If this happens, the implant must be removed, and the pocket must be reshaped so that there will be no additional movement.

4. Double Bubble Deformity

While a double bubble deformity is rare, it is still a risk associated with breast implants. Double bubble breast deformity occurs when the implant falls below the inframammary crease (the crease where the breasts meet the chest wall) and creates a ripple effect or the appearance of a “double breast.” A double bubble deformity may be more likely for patients who choose larger implants.

5. To Change the Size

The most common reason women choose to remove their implants is because they are unhappy with their current size. Before the initial operation, women are faced with a difficult decision: having to choose which implant size they believe will meet their aesthetic desires. This is not always a simple decision. Women who undergo breast augmentation want larger breasts, though they may not know how much larger. For some women, their initial choice was too conservative, and they wish for larger implants. For others, the implants were overly large and too cumbersome for their day-to-day lives. If patients decide down the line that the implant size they chose isn’t actually the best size for them, implant revision can change out the old implants for a new size.

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How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Body trends are similar to fashion trends; they sometimes feel like they change every season. The narrow waist and large bust desired during one decade fades into straight lines and ultra-thin bodies the next. In recent years, there has been a return to women wanting womanly curves.

Healthy bodies with specifically placed fullness in the hips, butt, and breasts have become the ideal body type, and many women are more than willing to turn to plastic surgery to achieve that look. With curvaceous women like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians being symbols of beautiful bodies, women are willing to own the curves they have and enhance the curves they don’t.

Curves in the Right Places

Your body shape can make or break your image. Whether your body has attractive curves or no curves at all, your body shape sends a message about you and your perceived overall attractiveness. While many people focus on trimming their waistlines to improve their body shape, there are multiple ways to enhance your curves.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts have been associated with femininity and sensuality for a long time. Breast implants can help women attain fuller, larger, or shapelier breasts and achieve the feminine physique they desire. Breast augmentation uses implants to boost the size of your breasts and create more voluptuous curves. Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes so you can get exactly the look you want. The scars from inserting the breast implants can easily be hidden by most undergarment styles, and most women consider them well worth the increase in breast size.

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If you have a muffin top, love handles, saddlebags, or bra bulge, liposuction can permanently remove stubborn fat to create leaner, smoother body contours. This procedure targets areas of stubborn fat and leaves minimal to no scarring, so you will not have to worry about telltale scars showing on your abdomen, thighs, or back. With liposuction, you can have a narrower waistline, trimmer thighs, and a slimmer body to complement and accentuate your bust.

Liposuction has long been used to remove excess fat pockets that a healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen cannot, leaving you slimmer, trimmer, and more toned. The fat cells removed during the procedure are gone for good, meaning you can enjoy your results for years to come. Liposuction can also be used to enhance your desired curves, such as in the hips or butt, by treating and balancing the surrounding areas.

Butt Lift

The shape and curvature of your derrière can be enhanced in various ways. The preferred tactic for many people is to use exercise to reshape their buttocks. Jumping rope, running up the stairs, cycling, squats, and lunges are all great exercises that can tone and firm your backside. However, not everyone has the time, energy, or ability to do these kinds of exercises. Even for those who do, many people who invest time in butt-shaping exercises won’t see the particular results they are looking for. If any of this sounds familiar to you, improving your derrière may require a different approach: undergoing butt lift surgery. A butt lift can provide you with the customized enhancement you want.

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A butt lift can fix a number of common complaints, such as having a flat or saggy butt, or one that lacks fullness or skin elasticity. A butt lift can be performed in different ways: it could be a surgical procedure, or it could be a minimally invasive procedure designed to enhance the buttocks. Depending on your needs, Dr. Mesbahi may perform butt enhancement with liposuction, fat injections, removal of excess skin, or surgery to insert butt implants. Each of these methods can help to enhance your curves and create the body shape you desire.

You can choose from several different procedures to improve your body shape. Achieve the hourglass figure you desire by choosing to undergo one surgery or a combination of procedures.

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