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How Laser Skin Rejuvenation Can Help You Look Younger

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As people age, the years can take a toll on their skin. Sun exposure, acne, scarring, and exposure to the elements can all increase the rate at which skin ages. The first signs of aging can be observed on the skin, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Laser skin rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment that uses state-of-the-art technology to restore a youthful complexion. With just a few short office visits you can expect to see stunning results that will help you maintain a healthy glow.

Who Uses Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Laser skin treatments have long been the secret tool that many celebrities have used to keep their picture-perfect appearance. Thanks to the broader availability of this advanced technology, people from all walks of life can now use laser skin rejuvenation to enhance their appearance. Patients find laser skin rejuvenation useful for removing sunspots, wrinkles, and damaged skin, including acne scarring. Laser skin rejuvenation can be helpful at almost any age and is applicable for most healthy adults. However, some laser treatments may not be suitable for darker skin tones. The procedures are short, have minimal downtime, and can produce dramatic results.

The Many Uses for Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser treatment is useful because it can treat many skin concerns. Some ways that the procedure can help you to keep a youthful appearance include:

  • Tightening skin that has lost elasticity due to age
  • Treating scars from acne or injuries
  • Improving the look of sun-damaged skin
  • Removing or reducing wrinkles, blemishes, creases, and fine lines

How Does It Work?

Laser skin rejuvenation works by selectively targeting damaged skin cells and destroying them. This allows the surface of the skin to generate new skin cells through the body’s natural healing process. The resurfacing procedure encourages a better complexion and healthier-looking skin.

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In Summary

Laser skin rejuvenation can help you to look years younger. The treatments occur in a regular medical office setting and usually involve minimal downtime, allowing you to plan your procedure around a busy schedule. If you are hoping to improve your look this year, then laser skin rejuvenation could be right for you.


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Regain Your Confidence With a Mommy Makeover

Becoming a mom is one of the greatest joys that life has to offer, but it can change your body in drastic ways. A mommy makeover is comprised of several cosmetic procedures. Dr. Mesbahi offers several options that are wonderful for restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy shape.

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What is a Mommy Makeover Anyway?

A mommy makeover utilizes several cosmetic procedures to restore mothers to their youthful, feminine shape. The most common techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Tummy Tuck: Also known as an abdominoplasty, this surgical option restores a flatter abdomen by removing excess skin around your midsection. Stretch marks can often be eliminated or reduced with a tummy tuck.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is a treatment that can remove excess fat from almost any area of your body. The hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen are all areas that can be addressed with liposuction.
  • Breast Lift: This procedure can eliminate sagging skin and reposition the breasts. Breast lift surgery also offers the ability to resize the areolas.
  • Breast Augmentation: Many women wish to enhance their breasts after giving birth. With breast augmentation, it is possible to add volume and shape to your breasts using saline or silicone implants.
  • Breast Reduction: Your breasts may grow in size during and after pregnancy. A breast reduction can ease the discomfort associated with larger breasts.

In addition to these treatments, many other procedures can be used to restore your youthful appearance after having a baby. It is a good idea to ask your surgeon about the best options for you.

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The Best Time to Start Your Mommy Makeover

It is necessary to follow a few guidelines before starting your mommy makeover. Ideally, patients should be at a stable weight before undergoing any cosmetic procedure applied to their abdomen. It is also advisable to wait until after you are done breastfeeding before having any breast procedures performed. Because subsequent pregnancies can affect the longevity of your results, it is best to wait until you are done having children before undergoing a mommy makeover. The length of recovery is different for every patient, so it is essential to discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon.

Ready for Your Mommy Makeover?

Every woman deserves to look and feel her best, especially moms. Restoring your body after having children can offer many benefits. Imagine how much more confident you’ll be taking your kids to the local pool during summer. What would it be like to enjoy your time with your family rather than worrying about how you look? A mommy makeover is a perfect way to treat yourself after sacrificing time, pain, and your body to give birth.


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