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Bouncing Back After Cancer

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How Can Reconstructive Surgery Be Used To Rejuvenate My Appearance?

Recovery after cancer can sometimes be a matter of “it gets worse before it gets better” — especially when it comes to your looks. Treatments and surgeries take their toll, even years after remission has been achieved. 

Dr. Mesbahi offers several procedures that patients can use to refresh their appearance after fighting cancer. From treatments to refresh the face to literally building the body patients want, reconstructive surgery can help those who are recovering from cancer come full circle. 

What Is Cancer Reconstruction?

Dr. Mesbahi is known for his expertise in cancer reconstruction surgery. This type of surgery usually consists of breast reconstruction, which helps rebuild the breasts after mastectomy, and skin cancer reconstruction, which restores skin and removes lesions caused by skin cancer. 

Breast Reconstruction

Mastectomy, whether it’s a complete or partial removal of the breast, often leaves visible scars behind. Removal of lumps or tumors, also known as a lumpectomy, also results in visible scarring long after recovery is complete. 

Breast reconstruction helps restore the shape and size of breasts that were removed by cancer treatment. It can also correct issues with asymmetry or other cosmetic defects from a total or partial mastectomy or other types of treatment.

Breast reconstruction surgery can help women who have gone through breast cancer treatment reclaim their feminine physiques.
Breast reconstruction surgery can help women who have gone through breast cancer treatment reclaim their feminine physiques.

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done immediately after mastectomy or some time after mastectomy recovery. Dr. Mesbahi offers patients breast implants, which use silicone or saline materials to restore the breast shape, or DIEP flap surgery, which uses the patient’s fat for restoration. 

Breast Implants are typically done in a two-stage process that involves using a temporary device filled with saline water to expand the skin and muscles underneath the breast before the implant is placed. This typically results in shorter surgery and recovery times. 

DIEP flap surgery involves Dr. Mesbahi removing skin and fat from the patient’s abdomen and then using that to reconstruct the breasts. It is a longer surgery than implants but tends to leave the most natural look and feel. 

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

One of the first symptoms of skin cancer is the appearance of unsightly lesions. Many are easily removed, but some can grow to severely deform the skin and affect patients’ appearance. 

To help patients suffering from these effects, Dr. Mesbahi works with a Mohs surgeon—a dermatologist that specializes in skin cancer reconstruction that effectively removes all skin cancer without damaging other areas of the skin. 

Mohs surgery is highly precise and involves using a scalpel to remove thin layers of cancerous tissue until only healthy tissue remains. Dr. Mesbahi will then close the defect area using methods that ensure the best healing without further disfigurement. 

Dr. Mesbahi will also perform more complex reconstructive surgery if lesions from skin cancer are very large or highly visible.

Other Ways To Bounce Back

Fighting cancer takes its toll. Even after the battle is over, patients may be left with noticeable scarring or disfigurement from treatment and surgery. Long periods of chemotherapy or radiation can also leave many patients looking fatigued. 

There are a few procedures patients can use to help them truly get back to feeling like themselves again, ranging from non-invasive methods to more intensive procedures:

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing helps restore damaged skin. It is used to remove dark spots, wrinkles, scars, deep folds, and other skin defects for younger-looking skin and a refreshed appearance. 

Dr. Mesbahi will first cleanse the skin and apply an antibiotic ointment before the laser is used to remove thin layers of skin. This removal activates the skin’s own regenerative process, leading to the creation of new, healthy skin. 


Known commonly as a nose job, rhinoplasty is used to correct defects in the shape and size of the nose. It can also be used to correct structural issues that directly affect breathing. 

Rhinoplasty is performed by either using an open incision, which is made along the columella (thin strip between the nostrils) to reshape the nasal structures. Dr. Mesbahi also offers patients a closed rhinoplasty, with incisions made along the inside the nostrils. 

Body Contouring

Getting back into shape after fighting cancer can sometimes take a little more work than just hitting the gym. Dr. Mesbahi offers fat grafting procedures that patients can use to achieve their body goals. 

Fat grafting can be used to enhance buttocks and as a filler for certain areas of the face. It essentially redistributes the fat from one area to another, creating the contours patients desire. 

Ready to learn more? Dr. Mesbahi has been recognized for his work in helping cancer patients bounce back via reconstructive surgery. Schedule a consultation soon by calling his office at 703-287-8277. 

Why Has Breast Implant Removal Decreased Since 2000?

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The first breast implant procedure was done in 1962 to a woman named Timmie Jean Lindsey; a few decades later, the procedure had become popular among women who were willing to take to the operating table for a bigger bust.  

When breast augmentation first became commonplace, women were opting for the largest implants they could squeeze into their skin, often against the advice of their surgeons who suggested smaller increases to create a balanced physique.

A woman holds up a silicone implant that will subtly increase the size of her breasts during her augmentation.

This would ultimately lead to thousands of breast implant removal procedures in the following years. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 40,787 breast implant removals performed in 2000. 

Over the next 18 years, that number dropped by the thousands to 29,236 in 2018.

What Caused the Decrease in Implant Removals?

In the last generation or so, there has been a trend among breast augmentation patients to opt for more subtle increases in breast size rather than going for the most extreme options. 

In the last generation, there has been a trend to opt for more subtle increases in breast size, leading to fewer future implant removals. 

Patients are finally listening to the advice of their surgeons and choosing a balanced appearance that they are less likely to change their minds about in five or 10 years.

Surgical Technology and Experience

Another contributing factor to the decline of breast implant removals is the technology and amount of experience available in today’s marketplace versus the 1980s or 1990s when breast augmentation became familiar. 

Surgeons have now had more than 50 years to perfect cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation.

Improved Implant Options

The technology behind the implants themselves has also improved dramatically. In 2018, 88 percent of patients who underwent breast augmentation surgery opted for silicone implants over saline implants because the silicone versions are less prone to rupture and rippling. 

Gummy bear implants, which mimic the natural shape of the breast, have helped to increase the long-term satisfaction of breast augmentation since they provide a more natural appearance and feel.

Are Breast Augmentations Still Popular?

The number of breast augmentation procedures undergone in the U.S. has increased from 296,000 in 2010 to 313,735 in 2018. Despite slight downward fluctuations between some years, this procedure has seen an overall increase over the last decade and remains, year after year, the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country. 

An infographic depicting the number of breast augmentations over the last eight years.

If this shows us anything, it is that the ability to achieve a full, balanced figure is more attainable now than ever before. And, considering the number of breast implant removals has decreased while augmentations have increased, the likelihood that you will have results that you are happy with 10, 15, 20, or even 40 years from now are the best they have ever been. 

Results similar to this before and after comparison can be achieved through breast augmentation.

Of course, that is only if you have your breast augmentation performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Mesbahi who is qualified to provide that caliber of results. 

If you would like to get more information about breast augmentation, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Mesbahi’s office at (703) 287-8277.