How to Choose Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Female with short blonde hair thinking with question marks above her headAs the central part of the face, the nose is one of the most noticeable features of a person’s appearance. However, when individuals are unhappy with the size and/or shape of their nose, they typically desire a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to improve their overall facial appearance. Due to the complexity of this procedure, it is imperative that patients choose the right surgeon to perform their rhinoplasty.

To ensure that you choose a surgeon that will perform your rhinoplasty safely and effectively, we’ve provided some valuable information below.

Board Certification

Before you decide to undergo any plastic surgery procedure, you should always check to see if the surgeon is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Being board certified means that the surgeon has gone through extensive testing and has been evaluated by a panel of doctors who are already certified. Some boards are not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.


Many patients make the unfortunate decision to proceed with the least expensive surgeon, and some will even travel great distances to save money on the surgery. It is not uncommon for these decisions to lead to revision surgery that ends up costing more in the long run. The simple fact is that an experienced, well-credentialed surgeon will likely not be “cheaper.”  Being a central part of your appearance, the nose should be cared for by an expert with proven results you can see. You should consider investing in not only anticipated great results, but also getting through the surgery safely and with no complications.

Before & After Photos

During your consultation with a potential surgeon, always ask to see before and after photos of previous patients who have undergone rhinoplasty. This will not only give you an idea about how often they perform nose surgery, but it can also hint at what your final results will look like. Dr. Mesbahi also performs Vectra 3D imaging and morphing to provide his patients with a detailed analysis of their face and to show them what the results could look like.

The Facility

When searching for the right surgeon, make sure that he or she performs rhinoplasty at an accredited facility or hospital. This not only puts you at ease throughout the procedure, but also greatly decreases the likelihood that complications will occur during surgery.

Dr. Alex Mesbahi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is extensively experienced in performing rhinoplasty surgery. He performs all of his procedures at his private, state-of-the-art surgery center and is dedicated to providing each and every one of his patients with results that they can feel great about.

Feel free to view before and after photos of some of Dr. Mesbahi’s past rhinoplasty patients.

If you live in Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia and are unhappy with the appearance of your nose for any reason, we encourage you to contact Mesbahi Plastic Surgery. Simply call (703) 287-8277 fill out our online contact form to get started today.