How to Look Great in a Bikini

As we draw closer to summer, many women are concerned about getting their bodies “bikini ready.” If you’re doing everything you can to look better in a bikini, a few treatments can help. Breast augmentation, liposuction, and butt lift surgery can improve your body shape in all the right areas to help you look trim and attractively curvy in your bikini.

Breast Implants

Young Woman in Pink BikiniOne of the biggest concerns about looking good in a bikini is having enough of a bust to properly fill it out. Breast augmentation can use breast implants to boost the size of your breasts and create more voluptuous curves. With implants, your breasts can look fuller and rounder and will give you the edge you need to look your best in a bikini this summer. The scars from inserting the breast implants can easily be hidden by most bikini styles, and most women consider them well worth the increase in breast size. These long-lasting devices will also continue to enhance your figure for many more summers to come.


Liposuction is the procedure for women seeking to target trouble areas. If you have a bit of a muffin top, love handles, saddlebags, or bra bulge, liposuction can permanently remove stubborn fat to create leaner, smoother body contours. Even while targeting areas of stubborn fat, liposuction leaves minimal to no scarring at all, so you will not have to worry about telltale scars showing on your abdomen, thighs, or back. With liposuction, you can have a narrower waistline, trimmer thighs, and a more attractively slim body to complement and accentuate your full bust.

Butt Lift

If your backside lacks full and round curves, you could benefit from butt lift surgery. You can choose from several different techniques to improve the appearance, shape, and feel of your buttocks. It doesn’t matter whether you have a flat butt, excess fat, sagginess, loose skin, or not enough fullness. A butt lift can improve the shape and roundness of your backside so that your bikini bottom looks every bit as full and round as your bikini top. This procedure can help balance you out so that you have an hourglass figure.

To look great in a bikini this summer, make sure you take care of your body. In addition to your healthy diet and exercise routine, consider getting the above procedures to truly makeover your figure. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Mesbahi, please call 703-287-8277 or complete our online contact form today.