Maintaining Youth at an Older Age

shutterstock_174555461For most people, there is a constant desire to have a youthful facial appearance. Unfortunately, over time, factors like sun exposure, diet, and stress cause the development of various forms of aging. These effects typically cause individuals to look older than they are and feel less confident about themselves in social situations. Of course, you can spend exorbitant amounts of money on skincare products that claim to reverse and prevent against these signs of aging, but there’s usually no guarantee to how effective they are. However, cosmetic treatment has proven to be very effective in diminishing the signs of aging with long-term results.

Since you already know that wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen, drinking lots of water, and exercising can preserve your appearance, we’ve provided a few lesser known tips that can also protect your skin to help you maintain a more youthful appearance.

Reduce Sugar

Sugar increases the size of your waistline by raising insulin levels and accelerates aging in the skin through a process called glycation. Eliminating sugar from your diet completely would be best, but consuming no more than 30g per day is helpful.


It’s no secret that lotions and creams keep the skin hydrated, but using a moisturizer that contains retinol will also help fight against precursors to cancer called free radicals.

Vitamins & Minerals

Whether it be iron, vitamin D, or magnesium, many people don’t get their optimal values on a daily basis. Foods like green vegetables, milk, and nuts can fulfill daily values of these three nutrients. Taking a multivitamin on a daily basis is a good idea as well.


Dead skin cells can make your skin look dull. By exfoliating your face and body, not only are you removing dead skin, but you are also enabling the healthy cells beneath to come to the surface.

If the appearance of your aging face has you looking older than you are, then cosmetic treatment may be just what you need. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Alex Mesbahi, please call (703) 287-8277 or fill out our online contact form today. Our board-certified plastic surgeon and his caring staff look forward to meeting you soon!