The “Toxic Tush”: Black Market Butt Injections

Some people will engage in incredibly risky actions to get beauty treatments. Various black market beauty enhancement procedures have turned up over the years, usually offered by a self-proclaimed “medical professional” who is looking for profit. Some patients have paid in severe illness, and one with her life, for choosing black market butt injections from the “toxic tush” doctor instead of coming to a plastic surgery practice with a legitimate plastic surgeon.

The “Toxic Tush” Doctor

Butt Lift surgery by Dr. MesbahiOneal Ron Morris, who has been called the “Toxic Tush” doctor, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for administering toxic butt injections. Morris combined Super Glue®, Fix-a-Flat® tire sealant, cement, silicone, and mineral oil, and used the “blend” for buttock enhancement for multiple women. Several became ill and one actually died as a result of the injections, which they had been led to believe were medical-grade products. Morris is not a licensed doctor and had already served a year in prison for a related offense.

The Safer, Better Way to Enhance Your Buttocks

Morris’s imprisonment and the effects on these women are clear proof that black market butt injections are dangerous and should be avoided. If you’re going to get a butt lift, do it the smart way: come to a board-certified plastic surgeon, where you can be guaranteed a safe procedure with proven results. Dr. Mesbahi offers several techniques, including silicone implants and fat injections, that can improve the shape and contour of the buttocks and produce a more lifted appearance. By coming to a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can be assured that the procedure is approved by the FDA for patient safety. You can also be confident that the results will look attractive and natural. Your results from butt lift surgery with a plastic surgeon will be long lasting to permanent.

If you are interested in getting a butt lift or other aesthetic treatment(s), don’t put yourself at risk by seeking out black market options. Schedule your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alex Mesbahi. To learn more, call 703-287-8277 or contact Dr. Mesbahi online today.