Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, reshapes and lifts sagging breasts. Many women whose breasts sag due to aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or excessive breast weight can benefit from undergoing breast lift surgery. A breast lift creates a more youthful appearance and can help the breasts appear firm, shapely, lifted, and attractive.

The Benefits of Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Techniques

Anchor Technique

This is the most common technique used in breast lift surgery.
  • An anchor-like incision is made on the underside of each breast.
  • Excess skin is removed from underneath the breasts.
  • The nipples and areolas are realigned and moved to a higher position.
  • The skin around the areolas and beneath the breasts is tightened and pulled together to reshape the breasts.

Doughnut Technique

This technique is also called concentric mastopexy.
  • This technique may be suitable for women with relatively small breasts and minimal sagging.
  • Circular incisions are made around the areolas.
  • A doughnut-shaped section of skin is removed from around the areolas.
  • The remaining breast tissue is pulled together, and the breasts are reshaped.

Breast Lift With Augmentation

This technique is best for women who wish to improve breast fullness in addition to correcting breast sagging and shape.
  • Either the anchor or periareolar incision is used.
  • Implants are placed into a pocket underneath the breast tissue or underneath the chest muscle on each side.
  • The tissues are tightened, and the breasts are reshaped and repositioned.

Alleviating Your Concerns

After the surgery is complete, bandages will be applied to minimize movement and aid the healing process. Before long, the bandages will be replaced by a surgical bra that should be worn for several weeks. Patients may be ready to return to work by one week to 10 days after surgery. Numbness and swelling may persist for a few weeks after surgery. All patients should avoid physical exercise for six weeks. Dr. Mesbahi will provide you with more detailed postoperative instructions that you should carefully follow to minimize your risk of surgical complications and improve your recovery experience.
After breast lift surgery, there will likely be scarring where the incisions were placed. The extent of scarring will be determined by how your body heals and how well you follow Dr. Mesbahi’s postoperative recommendations. Scar tissue can darken if exposed to sunlight, so it is best to minimize sun exposure and keep the area covered when in the sunlight. Women who undergo breast lift surgery usually feel that the resulting scar is well worth the enhancement to their breast shape. Ultimately, your scars will fade over time.
Anesthesia ensures that patients are comfortable during breast lift surgery. During recovery, some patients report minor pain. Any discomfort can be treated with oral medication and will lessen with time.
Breast lift surgery usually takes between 90 minutes and three hours.
There is no effective non-surgical alternative to breast lift surgery. However, recent innovations have led to the formation of minimal incision techniques. To learn whether you qualify for this type of breast lift surgery, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Mesbahi. The majority of women who have sagging breasts will need traditional breast lift surgery with either the anchor incision or the doughnut incision.
In addition to breast augmentation, breast lift surgery can be combined with other procedures such as breast reduction, tummy tuck surgery, and liposuction. Combining these surgeries can help achieve even more desirable aesthetic results, as they can enhance your body shape in multiple areas at once.
Breast lift surgery may cause your breasts to appear smaller because the procedure removes excess skin and tightens the tissues so that the breasts are firmer and rounder. Some patients’ breasts will decrease by one cup size after this surgery. However, despite the slight change in size, the appearance of the breasts is much improved, and most women feel that their breasts look and feel significantly better after surgery. Women who are concerned about volume loss after breast lift surgery should consider combining their procedure with breast augmentation.
The results of breast lift surgery can be long lasting, but the breasts and breast skin will continue to age naturally. It is best for patients to avoid weight gain or pregnancy after breast lift surgery, as both situations can compromise the surgical results.

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