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The Alternative to Lifestyle Lift

Facelift in Washington DC

In March 2015, the popular plastic surgery company Lifestyle Lift closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy. This follows the 2008 lawsuit in which Lifestyle Lift was forced to pay $300,000 in a settlement for claims that the company was posting fake reviews on Lifestyle Lift became known in 2001 for advertising surgery centers that would provide a quick, one hour long, non-invasive facelift treatment.

Other than the company’s mishandling of money, the downfall of the company can most likely be attributed to its negative online image. RealSelf founder Tom Seery reported that Lifestyle Lift had only a 61 percent positive rating on the site, whereas private plastic surgeons typically yield an 89 percent positive rating for facelift procedures. So if it’s not an ineffective treatment that put people off, what was it?

Most likely it was the impersonal nature of the company itself. Patients looking for plastic surgery desire personalized attention and wish to form bonds with their doctors and their staff. The best surgery results come from highly trained doctors who fully understand the wishes of their patients.

Lifestyle Lift closing simply proves that a small price tag shouldn’t be the deciding factor when looking for a plastic surgeon. Nothing can replace the attention, communication, understanding, and support that is gained from choosing a personal plastic surgery practice – not even a few more dollar bills in your pocket.

Looking for a Plastic Surgeon?

Facelift in Washington DCIf you now find yourself looking for a surgeon in light of recent events, you can stop searching. Dr. Mesbahi understands that your plastic surgery experience goes beyond the procedure itself (even though he is known as one of the top plastic surgeons in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia). Dr. Mesbahi believes that it is his duty as a board-certified plastic surgeon to provide each patient with individualized care, customized treatments, and a welcoming environment.

Looking for a Facelift?

Dr. Mesbahi doesn’t believe in cutting corners or cutting time. Even in today’s “instant gratification” culture, Dr. Mesbahi still values what you gain from extensive, quality work. A standard facelift procedure is performed to remove sagging skin and lift drooping tissues on the face to erase signs of aging. Patients seeking facelift surgery can identify with one or more of the following:

  • A tired, aged face
  • Excess sagging skin
  • Facial contours that have lost volume
  • Deep creases around the nose and mouth

Dr. Mesbahi’s goal is to combine beautiful surgery results with outstanding patient care. If you are seeking facelift surgery or a new plastic surgeon, contact Dr. Mesbahi today. He and his friendly, caring staff are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Schedule your consultation today and feel the difference that a personal, welcoming practice can make. Call us today at 703-287-8277 or fill out our online contact form here for more information.