Breast Cancer Awareness Bill

Breast Cancer AwarenessIf you didn’t know that breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy is supposed to be covered by insurance, you aren’t alone. Many people do not know that in 1998, Congress signed The Women’s Health and Cancer Right Act (WHCRA) into law. This act requires that mastectomy benefits also cover:

  • Reconstruction of the breast that was removed by mastectomy
  • Surgery and reconstruction of the non-removed breast to create symmetry
  • Any external breast prostheses needed before or during the reconstruction

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer are unaware that these benefits are available to them. Worrying about restoring their bodies after treatment is an added stress that many women have trouble dealing with. To reduce stress on breast cancer patients, it is key to educate them about all of their options.  

In May of 2015, the Senate introduced the Breast Cancer Patient Education Act (BCPEA). This act requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to plan and implement a campaign that informs breast cancer patients about the coverage of breast reconstruction and other post-mastectomy options. Under federal law, women must be given access to educational materials on their rights to breast reconstruction.  

Breast Cancer Education

It is extremely important that women have access to thorough and correct information on their rights. The breast cancer battle is hard enough, and women shouldn’t have to stress about how they are going reclaim their bodies once their battle is over. Women should be able to focus on fighting their cancer and healing. Making sure that every woman is informed of her rights will help reduce stress and may increase the chances of survival.

The Breast Cancer Patient Education Act (BCPEA) of 2015 has not yet passed in the House nor the Senate. Congressional support is important to see the success of this bill. Contact your Congress representative and urge them to support this bill.

Breast Reconstruction With Dr. Mesbahi

Dr. Mesbahi knows that an integral part of the healing process for a woman after her mastectomy is breast reconstruction surgery. His goal is to help restore a woman’s feminine body while treating her with the kindness and respect she deserves.


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