See Your Plastic Surgery Results Before Surgery

3D Imaging for Plastic Surgery

3D imaging for plastic surgeryHave you ever wondered what you would look like after plastic surgery? With the VECTRA 3D Imaging System that Dr. Mesbahi offers, patients can see a depiction of their proposed surgical results before the procedure is performed. This innovative technology is very effective for a variety of procedures, including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and facelift surgery.

VECTRA 3D Imaging is performed in just three easy steps:

  1. Several pictures of your face, breasts, or body are taken from a variety of angles to create a 3D image.
  2. Dr. Mesbahi will evaluate you and address the improvements he intends to make.
  3. VECTRA software is utilized to create a visual similar to what you can expect your results to look like.

FAQs About the VECTRA 3D Imaging System

Is there any pain involved with VECTRA 3D Imaging?

No; the VECTRA 3D System only involves taking pictures. Patients simply stand in front of the simulator for a few minutes until the process is complete.

Will the VECTRA 3D Imaging System determine if I am a candidate for surgery?

The VECTRA 3D system will only depict the proposed outcome of the procedure you desire. However, an evaluation during a personalized consultation with Dr. Mesbahi will determine if you are a candidate for your desired procedure.

How close are the VECTRA 3D results to my actual outcome?

While the VECTRA 3D results are highly accurate, the outcome of your procedure may vary slightly due factors that are unique to you.

If you’re interested in undergoing plastic surgery and wish to see what your results could look like, we encourage you to contact our plastic surgery practice in McLean, VA. Please call (703) 287-8277 or fill out our online contact form. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alex Mesbahi strives to provide each and every one of his patients with satisfying results.