What Were the Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2018?

There were more than 17 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2018, according to a report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The majority of these procedures were minimally invasive treatments like BOTOX® Cosmetic, chemical peels, and JUVÉDERM®, but surgical procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction saw an increase in popularity from the year prior.

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So, what were the most popular cosmetic surgical and non-invasive procedures of 2018?

Surgical Procedures

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is designed to increase the size and improve the shape of a woman’s bust. This procedure is considered when a woman is unhappy with their current body type, but it can also be performed in combination with other procedures as part of a Mommy Makeover after the effects of pregnancy and childbirth have taken a toll on a woman’s physique.

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This procedure saw a 4 percent increase in popularity from 2017 to 2018, bringing the total number of patients to receive this surgery to 313,735. Out of those patients, 88 percent opted for silicone implants, while the other 12 percent chose to go with saline.


By using a suction tool to remove stubborn fat from specific areas, liposuction aims to improve the contours and shape of a patient’s body. This procedure is a common part of a Mommy Makeover, but it can also be performed alone or as part of a butt lift, which uses fat harvested from other parts of the body to reshape your buttocks.

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Close to the growth of breast augmentation, liposuction saw an even stronger increase of five percent to the total amount of procedures completed in 2018, bringing the total to 258,558.


Rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a nose job, has always been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. During this procedure, Dr. Mesbahi makes a subtle incision between the nostrils, giving him access to the structure of the nose to make the necessary adjustments.

Despite continuing to be a staple in the industry, rhinoplasty saw a decrease in numbers of 2 percent, with a total of 213,780 procedures being performed in 2018.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

BOTOX® Cosmetic

As the giant standing above all the other cosmetic surgery procedures, BOTOX® Cosmetic saw around 7.4 million treatments in 2018, nearly five million more than the next largest category. This is an increase of 3 percent from 2017 and a startling increase of 845 percent since 2000.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic seeks to achieve one specific goal: minimize or eliminate moderate to severe fine lines and wrinkles along the face caused by aging. It is an injectable treatment that is typically performed in 20-minute sessions and uses botulinum toxin type A to prevent muscle groups from contracting around the face, preventing the formation of creases and folds from facial expressions.

Soft Tissue Fillers

There are many different soft tissue fillers on the market, but of the 2,676,970 soft tissue filler procedures performed in 2018, JUVÉDERM® is one of the most popular options.

These treatments aim to boost the volume of lips and cheeks, and they are also effective ways to minimize or remove fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth where natural fullness has diminished with time.

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JUVÉDERM® offers four different formulations that Dr. Mesbahi uses for different situations:

  • JUVÉDERM® XC: Used for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds
  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC: Used to add volume to the lips
  • JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC: Used to treat vertical lines around the lips and restore volume
  • JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC: Used to correct volume loss in the cheeks through deep injections

Chemical Peels

This procedure uses a chemical solution to address problematic skin texture and tone. The solution removes the damaged outer layers and reveals a fresh, healthy layer once the treatment has been completed. It can treat acne or acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, or patches of skin that have a rough or scaly texture.

Chemical peels saw a 1 percent increase from 2017 to 2018, when a total of 1.3 million procedures were performed. But if you aren’t interested in having a chemical solution used on your face to remove layers of skin, you can always opt for laser skin rejuvenation, which uses laser technology to provide similar results.



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Every year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases statistics on the past year’s cosmetic surgery trends. This study looks at both surgical and non-surgical procedures to determine which are growing, withering, and which have remained popular.

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If this year’s study proves anything, it’s that cosmetic enhancements are as popular as ever. In 2017 alone, there were over 17.5 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. This is an increase of two percent from 2016 and five percent from 2015. While breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and tummy tuck surgery comprise the top five most commonly performed procedures, there are some other trends that are beginning to manifest.

All Breast Procedures Are on the Rise

It’s little surprise that breast augmentation, a procedure that is synonymous with plastic surgery, once again sits at the top. This procedure was performed over 300,000 times in 2017 alone—a three percent increase from 2016.

Breast lift surgery is slowly nudging its way closer to a spot on the top five with over 105,000 performed, an increase of four percent from 2016. The biggest surprise among breast procedures is breast reduction, which saw an 11 percent increase between 2016 and 2017. Although the numbers for reduction are still far behind that of breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries, reduction surgery had one of the highest percentage increases for all cosmetic surgeries.

Minimally Invasive Facial Procedures Are Growing Fast

Considering how many surgical procedures were performed, it sounds far-fetched to say that there were 10 times the amount of minimally or non-invasive options. That is, however, exactly what the statistics say. There were over 15 million non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures performed last year, up two percent from 2016 and a whopping 186 percent from 2000.

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures have skyrocketed in the past two decades with injections, dermal fillers, and laser treatments becoming household names. Nowadays, everyone knows what BOTOX® Cosmetic does, what dermabrasion is, and how fillers, such as JUVÉDERM®, work. This increase is also highlighting a new trend in facial cosmetic enhancements. Minimally invasive facial procedures such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM®, as well as KYBELLA® (which breaks down fat beneath the chin) and Ultherapy® (non-surgical skin tightening), are all increasing in large numbers, whereas surgical procedures, such as facelift surgery and mini facelift surgery are dropping slightly. While facelift surgery is still among the highest performed surgical procedures, it was replaced by tummy tuck surgery for the fifth position.

Butts Are Still Getting Bigger

The increased focus on the buttocks is nothing new. For the past several years, surgeons all over the country have been seeing and creating larger derrières for their patients, and 2017 was no different with a 13 percent increase in buttock lift surgery. What is surprising, however, are the methods being used. Buttock implants are down by over 50 percent whereas buttock augmentation through fat grafting, a.k.a. the Brazilian Butt Lift, is up 10 percent.

Fat Removal Is Holding Center Stage

Almost everyone has those extra pockets of annoying fat that they just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how many hours they spend at the gym or how many crash diets they try. Because of this, it is no surprise that fat removal is high amongst patient’s wishes. Increases are being seen in both surgical and non-surgical fat reduction, demonstrating that everyone shares a common desire to rid themselves of fat despite their preference in the method.

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