Does Pregnancy Affect Breast Reduction?

Many women discover that their overly large breasts cause physical and emotional insecurities, low self-esteem, constant back and neck pain, and the inability to find clothing that fits. Breast reduction is an option for women whose breasts are negatively impacting their quality of life. Breast reduction removes excess skin, fat, and tissue from the breasts, which leaves the patient with a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique. Although large breasts may not become bothersome to a woman until after she’s already had her children, other women struggle with the size and side effects of their large breasts from a young age, and they may desire breast reduction before pregnancy. While every woman’s body will respond differently to pregnancy, there is a chance that getting pregnant will negatively impact the quality of results achieved from breast reduction surgery.

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Should You Wait?

Most doctors generally recommend that women postpone any breast surgery (whether it is a breast reduction, augmentation, or lift) until after they have finished having children. This is because pregnancy will affect the breasts more than any other life event. Once a woman’s body begins producing milk during pregnancy, her breasts will grow, regardless of whether or not she’s had prior surgery. The amount that the breasts enlarge varies from woman to woman. Some women experience hardly any growth, while others can see an enlargement of two to three cup sizes. And while breasts will stop growing and generally return to their original size after milk production has finished, the shape of the breasts might be permanently altered: excess skin may be present, breasts may deflate and sag, and noticeable breast asymmetry may develop. These changes can occur in any woman, including those who have already put the time, effort, and money into a breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery will not affect your pregnancy, and you will more than likely still be able to breastfeed after a reduction procedure; however, pregnancy can alter your results, and a further reduction, lift, or augmentation may be desired to erase the breast changes that pregnancy brings.

How Will It Affect Your Life?

This being said, waiting for breast reduction surgery until after pregnancy is a recommendation, not a requirement. Women choose to undergo breast reduction surgery because of the embarrassment they feel, the discomfort they suffer through, and the inability for them to participate in the activities they love. Breast reduction surgery has some of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any other cosmetic surgery because it is a procedure that can restore and enhance a woman’s quality of life. This happiness shouldn’t have to be postponed just because a woman is afraid of what pregnancy will do to her breasts. A vast majority of women are still happy with their results even after childbirth, as it is very unlikely that your breasts will revert to their pre-surgery size or shape. It is recommended, however, that women wait at least three months after they’ve had a breast reduction to get pregnant, as it is best to ensure that all healing and recovery from the surgery has completed.

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