How Can Augmentation Correct Breast Asymmetry?

So much of a woman’s confidence comes from the way she perceives her body, and a woman’s breasts are a major contributing factor to that perception. Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries for a reason: women gain self-esteem and confidence when they are pleased with the appearance of their breasts. Unfortunately, they can lose that same self-esteem when they are not satisfied with their breast aesthetics. Asymmetrical breasts can significantly damage a woman’s self-image and create unnecessary feelings of shame, which causes them to hide or pull away from social or intimate interactions. For these women, breast augmentation can help ease these emotions and allow women to love their breasts.

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Some Asymmetry Is Normal

The vast majority of women experience some form of breast asymmetry, whether it be in size, shape, or position. Fortunately, many women’s asymmetry is not noticeable; some women may not even be aware that their breasts are asymmetrical. Breast asymmetry is defined as a difference in the form, position, or volume of the breasts, and while some degree of this is invisible to the naked eye, more significant degrees of asymmetry are noticeable. Between the negative emotional impact and the difficulty in finding clothing that fits properly, asymmetrical breasts provide many hardships. If your asymmetry is easily noticeable, then breast augmentation in one or both breasts can correct the issue by evening out your frame and enhancing your confidence.

Even Out With Augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants can aid breast asymmetry that is due to a difference in volume or form. A breast implant can be inserted into the smaller breast to match it to the larger breast (if you are pleased with the size and shape of that breast), or implants can be placed in both breasts to create additional balance. If an implant is used in both breasts, the size of the implants will ultimately differ, but you and your surgeon will work together to ensure a cohesive aesthetic is achieved. Even with augmentation, completely symmetrical breasts cannot be guaranteed; however, you will discover that any unevenness there is will only be noticeable to you and will be on par with the significant majority of women.

Alternatives to Breast Augmentation

Some women who experience breast asymmetry have no issues with volume or form but instead have a difference in breast position. For these women, a breast lift may be able to even out breast position with little-to-no change of breast volume. Alternatively, if a woman is more pleased with the size of her smaller breast, then breast reduction surgery will reduce the larger breast to match the smaller one. Whatever the cause of your breast asymmetry, there is a breast procedure that can work for you.

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