What Is the Best Age for a Facelift?

If you are like most people who are interested in undergoing facelift surgery, you are probably at least 40 years old and would like to correct significant signs of aging on your face. But how do you know if you are the right age for facelift surgery? How old is “too old,” or how young is “too young”?  While patients of a variety of ages may be good candidates, patients under 55 years old will experience the longest-lasting results from facelift surgery.

Before and After Facelift SurgeryWhat Can a Facelift Correct?

In order to understand why patients under age 55 see the best long-term results from facelift surgery, it is important to know what this procedure corrects. Facelift surgery improves the appearance and contour of the face by removing excess facial skin, eliminating excess fat, getting rid of saggy jowls, restoring jawline definition, and smoothing wrinkles on the lower face. In so doing, the facelift procedure recreates a more youthful appearance with tighter, smoother skin and facial tissues. For patients whose faces have these signs of aging but not yet to an extreme level, a facelift can offer a jumpstart in facial rejuvenation.

Why Do Patients Under 55 See the Best Results From Facelift Surgery?

Most patients who undergo facelift surgery are between the ages of 40 and 60, but when it comes to the results, research has shown that patients under age 55 will see the best and longest-lasting results. Patient satisfaction tends to be higher among these younger patients. These benefits are not just perceived, either – evaluations of the facial tissues and structures show that the results are indeed longer lasting. One of the reasons why is that patients younger than 55 are more likely to retain good skin quality, which helps to improve skin smoothness and enhance face shape after facelift surgery. Additionally, these patients are more likely to have only moderate signs of facial aging, which means that the correction will not need to be as extreme as for those with severe facial aging. Surgically altering the tissues of the face while they still retain some of the vitality and health of youth helps produce better results that will last longer.

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